Pale Ails

29 Jun

A few weeks ago, I decided it was time to break out the summer work wardrobe.  Once it hits 90 degrees in Texas, it’s almost unbearable to even think about putting on a pair of pants. If you don’t work in long term care, you might be under the impression that a summer work wardrobe consists of cute dresses, wedges, and sleeveless tops.  If you do work in long term care, you know that it consists of none of those things.  Instead, my closet is filled with knee-length skirts, short-sleeved cardigans, and flats.  I guess I should be grateful that this means no knee-highs. Do people even say knee-highs anymore?   I feel like such a granny when I say it.  No offense to the grannies, of course.  Anyways, it’s summer time and this means more skirts.  I don’t care if they’re knee-length, as long as I’m not wearing winter pants in 90 degree weather.


My first day of wearing a skirt inevitably drew some attention.  Mostly positive comments: “I love your skirt!”, “Oh my gosh, you’re wearing a skirt?!”, “How pretty!”, etc.  It felt nice.  It also felt like I should put a little bit more thought into my wardrobe choices and not dress like a 60 year old woman just because I work with the elderly. How many 28-year olds own six short-sleeved cardigans?  Either way, it was nice.

…Until 4 pm.  I was bringing a resident back from an activity when I noticed another resident from across the hall staring me down.  I called out hello to her, and thought I heard her reply, “You’re so pretty”.  I replied, “Thanks!” and she said, “No really… come closer.”  I slowly nervously made my way across the hallway, and she said aloud what should have been a thought kept to herself, “Wow, you are SO pale.”  Oh.  “Yes, yes I am.”  She asked me if I’d always been that pale.  I told her that yes, indeed I had.  As if this wasn’t brutal enough, she went on to say, “Honey, I was staring at your legs because I thought for SURE you had to be wearing white pantyhose.”

Oh. My. God.

First off, I don’t think I’ve worn white pantyhose since Easter of 1989, and secondly, am I really THAT pale?!

I tried to play off this delightful conversation by making a comment about how I felt fortunate to be so “fair-skinned” (that’s PC lady, get it together) because one day, I would have beautiful skin like her.  Instead of taking my extended olive branch and running with it, she responded, “Oh no, I was never THAT pale.”

Got it.  Looks like I’ll be spending more time at the pool this summer.  With SPF 50, of course.


2 Responses to “Pale Ails”

  1. shelly marano June 29, 2012 at 4:16 pm #

    I know just how you feel. Even though it has been 105° in Louisiana these days, I have still been wearing jeans. I am super duper white- not pale- transparent white. I really don’t mind. Everyone else has an issue with it. I agree, we will have lovely skin when we are being pushed around in our wheelchairs in about 50 yrs. Enjoy your summer!!!!


  1. Charlie says « Lauerland - July 3, 2012

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