Halftime Snack

8 Oct

I’m with you, Charlie… out with the apples and in with the cheese!

I finally had a work-free weekend where the only commitment I had made was to make no commitments.  Unfortunately, I came down with a terrible cold on Friday morning which was no fun at all.  I spent my Friday evening watching Parenthood, adoring Zicam, and eating chicken soup  Poke-Jo’s barbecue turkey and sides.  Not your traditional “sick meal”, but Firas brought home something he knew I liked.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t even taste it.  Still a sweet gesture nonetheless.  I started to feel somewhat normal by Sunday and I was determined to make the most of my last day off.  Firas had his brother over to watch football and I thought it would be fun to prepare a few “game day” appetizers.  One of the apps was a simple quesadilla with a twist.  Who doesn’t love a good ol’ quesadilla?  And who doesn’t love a snack that takes 5 minutes to make?

I grated some cheddar cheese (I know, shocker) and diced up some roasted red peppers, onions, and chives.  The rest doesn’t really need explaining… it’s as easy as spraying the skillet, laying the first tortilla down and covering with cheese, toppings, and the second tortilla, and then flipping when browned.  I made a few different ones, alternating between green chile corn tortillas (so good) and whole wheat flour tortillas. I served it up with a side of mango lime salsa, and it was de-lish.  I’m sure Firas and his brother would have been just as happy with a bag of nacho cheese doritos (maybe even happier?), but it’s nice to have a homemade snack once in a while.

Another favorite of mine is a vegetarian quesadilla, loaded with zucchini, squash, bell peppers, tomatoes, and more.  I also like to add different kinds of cheeses… I might be making this up, but I feel like I’ve enjoyed a brie and apple (sorry Charlie) quesadilla before.  I think I’ll try to recreate that next time.  So many options!

What else do you like to add to your quesadillas?



One Response to “Halftime Snack”

  1. Nicole October 8, 2012 at 11:09 am #

    Sriacha, aka Rooster sauce. Don’t worry, Charlie (and Tony), I’ll leave it off yours!

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