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Happy Thanksgiving from Lauerland!

21 Nov

You’ve gotta admit… this is pretty funny.

In all seriousness, we hope you all have a fantastic Thanksgiving and enjoy spending some quality time with family, friends, and loved ones.

Gobble gobble!


Case of the Mondays.

5 Nov

We’re with ya.


Happy Thursday!

11 Oct

Lauerland Boutique Giveaway: Ends 9/18

7 Sep

Thanks so much to everyone for checking out the Lauerland Boutique on Etsy and for all of the support!  To thank you all for being such supportive friends and readers, it’s time for the first Lauerland giveaway!  This is your chance to win a FREE set of 4 coasters from the Lauerland boutique (you can do a personalized set where you pick the photos yourself or select any of the coasters that are already in the shop!)

Here’s how to enter:

Visit the Lauerland Boutique on Etsy and then come back to the blog and leave a comment on this post letting us know which set of handcrafted coasters is your favorite.

The giveaway will end Tuesday 9/18 at midnight. The winner will be randomly selected (using, and the announcement for that lucky person will be made Wednesday morning so make sure to leave your comment before then. Good luck everyone!!

*Restrictions: US Residents Only.

We’d love it if you gave us a like on Facebook, too!

Happy Birthday Papa John!

23 Jul

To the man who has persevered through 25 YEARS  of a 4:1 woman to man ratio in the Lauer household, we wish you a HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  Thank you for always being patient, courageous, understanding, loving, and supportive.  We could never thank you enough for all that you’ve given us, but we thought we would try by offering you three son-in-laws and a grandson.  It looks like the women will finally be outnumbered!

 We love you so much, Dad!

Baby, You’re a Firework

4 Jul

Hope everyone has a safe and FUN 4th of July!  Nicole and Deirdre are headed to the Outer Banks, NC and Jaclyn is jetting off to Miami.  There will be plenty of pictures and stories when we return!

Welcome to Lauerland!

24 Jun

Oh, hello. You must be here to check out Lauerland. Well let me be the first to welcome you. If I know my mom and aunts like I think I do, you’re in for one heck of a ride. Check back often for funny stories, DC & Austin adventures, and everyone’s favorite little man… me!

Check out the About page to learn more!

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