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Lauerland Boutique: Officially Open for Business!

5 Sep
Since moving to Austin (somewhat) job-less, I’ve had a lot of time on my hands. ¬†A girl can only spend so many hours working on cover letters, resumes, and scouring the job boards without going a little crazy. So in the DIY/Pinterest-inspired spirit, I decided I’d take on a little side project to keep myself from going completely insane with the job hunt down here.

Charlie Coasters – First Custom Order ūüôā

I’ve always though that decorative or area-specific coasters make great gifts. ¬†I thought having personalized coasters with a friend’s wedding pictures would be a great wedding gift so I decided to just go for it and experiment with making them myself. ¬†What started as a project has led to something I actually really enjoy! ¬†I figured that others out there might also think coasters are a great gift, so why not open up an Etsy shop? ¬†So… with that said, the¬†Lauerland Boutique¬†is officially open for business!
As a loyal Lauerland reader, I’m offering 15% off purchases throughout the entire month of September for anyone who uses the coupon code LAUERLAND15. ¬†There are lot of pre-made coasters already in the shop but I’m most excited about the personalized coasters¬†where you can actually send me the four photos that you want via e-mail and I’ll customize the coasters using those pictures.¬†Check out the Lauerland Boutique on Etsy and let me know¬†what you think!

Personalized Wedding Coasters


Run Baby, Run

30 Aug

It’s true. ¬†I don’t run. ¬†Sometimes I walk. ¬†Sometimes I wog = walk jog. ¬†Sometimes I even jog. ¬†But I rarely run. ¬†And by rarely, I mean twice a year. ¬†I would much rather take a class at the gym, use the elliptical, power through the incline trainer, or lift weights. ¬†Running… not so much.

But things are about to change. ¬†Deirdre and I are training for a 5k using the “Couch to 5k” program. ¬†Sounds right up our alley. ¬†Most people are probably thinking, “Whoop-de-doo, a 5k. ¬†Why don’t you really challenge yourself and train for a 10k?” ¬†Trust me when I say that this is a challenge. ¬†And who knows, maybe a 10k is next on our bucket list. ¬†It hasn’t been penciled in yet, and no promises that it will be, but you never know. ¬†We went on our first run last night, which consisted of intervals of running and fast walking, and I think we’ve got this.

Does anyone have any good tips for us?  We  could definitely use some pointers.

And if you see us running on a Sunday morning, don’t pull a Jaclyn and roll your eyes just yet. ¬†We are most likely on our way to brunch to indulge in bacon and mimosas.

She’s a Cool…. Haus.

14 Aug

I grew up eating ice cream sandwiches. In my opinion, they truly are the perfect summer treat. I’m not a big fan of getting food on my hands while eating (hence the reason I go through 14 napkins at each meal), but I have absolutely no problem with getting sticky chocolate cookie on my fingers and having to lick it off afterwards. And an even better version of the ice cream sandwich… a chipwich. The classic gas station ice cream novelty. Vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two chocolate chip cookies. I enjoyed these as a kid, but my best friend Dana and I have also consumed several way too many of these as adults. Road trips, hot summer days, random surprise for your friend who’s pumping gas… so many reasons to enjoy a chipwich.

I had heard rumors about this highly rated ice cream sandwich trailer in Austin. While it sounded like something I would love, I never took the time to hunt it down as there are eight trillion food trailers in Austin and I am often overwhelmed by our options. Lucky for me, we literally stumbled across it last weekend when my Mom and Aunt Lori were in town. We were on the east side for breakfast, and we came across the Hope Farmer’s Market (located at 5th and Waller). The Market itself is worth revisiting, but even more so once we reached the end of the lane of vendors to find this gem, in all her glory:

The options are endless. They have so many flavors of both ice cream and cookie that you could try out hundreds of different combinations. And bonus! She let us try as many samples as we wanted. I’m sure she didn’t expect us to pass around the tiniest spoon in America with one bite of ice cream between the four of us, but hey, beats her scooping out the same flavor four times. Since we couldn’t decide on just one kind of cookie, she suggested we do a different cookie for each side. Mmm, don’t have to tell us twice. We opted for brown butter and bacon (!) ice cream sandwiched between a peanut butter cookie and a coconut almond (think samoa) cookie. So strange, but so good.

The Coolhaus trailer is parked at the Hope Farmer’s Market every Sunday from 10 am – 2 pm. And good news for those who don’t live in Austin – it turns out that they have Coolhaus trailers in Dallas, Miami, New York, and Los Angeles! If you live in any of these cities, I suggest you go and get your haus cooled as soon as you can.

DC to Austin: Instagram Style

2 Aug

Will and I had quite the adventure traveling from DC to Austin.  I wish I had documented more of the totally weird interesting things you encounter when traveling through the deeeeep South but I did manage to Instagram some of the highlights of our trip.  Have you ever driven cross (half of the) country?  What do you think is the strangest state?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Segway Saga

10 Jul

There are few things in life that I have boldly declared to never be caught dead doing. ¬†Riding a segway is one. ¬†I’m the person who laughs every time I see one. Every time! ¬†A segway has to be the most awkward mode of transportation. Even more awkward than a tandem bike because that at least involves some physical activity and has some element of adorable attached to it. ¬†Even when two guys ride on one together down the San Diego boardwalk…

When the movie Mall Cop came out, the segway did get a tad bit cooler after Paul Blart totally dominated one and saved the world small town mall. ¬†But still, I vowed to never ride on one as long as I lived. ¬†I’m sure you can tell where this story is going… it all started with an e-mail from Living Social and a forwarded message to my sister’s boyfriend, now fianc√©, Will. ¬†Living Social was offering a discounted segway tour and to be¬†funny, I forwarded the message to Will (who may or may not be the guy on the left in the picture above) and told him that I had the perfect idea for Deirdre’s 25th birthday. ¬†I expected a quick response, maybe an LOL or a “Oh my god, she would KILL us!” ¬†I did get a laugh, but I also got a, ¬†“Awesome! Let’s do it. ¬†I’ll buy my ticket now.”





And that’s how it happened. ¬†We celebrated Deirdre’s birthday with tubing on the Comal River and private karaoke at the Highball on Saturday, and a segway tour to top it off on Sunday morning. ¬†We arrived at SegCity and I must admit, I was a little bit nervous. ¬†Not just about being seen on a segway. ¬†But actually¬†riding on one. ¬†Our guide gave us a quick tutorial and we each got to practice for a ¬†few minutes before hitting the road. ¬†It took a while to feel balanced, but we all seemed to get the hang of it pretty quickly. ¬†Little did we know that slowly practicing our right and left turns would not exactly prepare you for going full speed on a narrow sidewalk. ¬†We were given the option of paying $10 for insurance – they almost did a good job of scaring us into it as the overall cost of a segway is over $6,000, but we all declined. ¬†Unless I was hit by a mack truck on my segway, I planned on returning it in decent shape.

We walked outside to claim our segways, and lined up behind our guide. ¬†Will was first in line, followed by Deirdre, Firas, and¬†Eeyore myself. ¬†Just kidding – I wanted to be in the back because I didn’t want anyone (Firas) complaining about how slow I was going. ¬†I’d like to say that we started off a slow pace. ¬†But I would be lying. ¬†We took off like mall cops out of hell. ¬†We made a quick right turn onto another sidewalk and we were definitely picking up speed. ¬†I was taking my sweet time while staying extremely focused on finding my “center” and not leaning too far forward or too far back. ¬†Despite my tunnel vision, I still noticed that Deirdre seemed to be getting closer and closer to Will. ¬†We were instructed to keep a good bit of distance between each segway just in case of an emergency stop, but Dee appeared to be getting a little too close for comfort. ¬†As I sped up a little bit, I heard a frantic, “I can’t stop! I CAN’T STOP! I CAN’T STOPPPPPPPPP!” ¬†With the third “I can’t stop”, Deirdre and her segway were flying off the sidewalk, tearing through the grass, and bouncing off the curb and into the road. Meanwhile, as she is flailing her body off of the segway, she is shouting, “I WANT INSURAAAANCE!!!!!” ¬†She managed to keep her arm on the handle of the segway so that it didn’t tip over. ¬†How she succeededin keeping it upright, I have no idea. ¬†And how I succeeded in keeping myself upright, that’s an even bigger mystery. ¬†I am crying laughing as I write this, so imagine me as it happened. ¬†I nearly died. ¬†Once I knew she was okay, of course. ¬†It¬†had¬†to happen to one of us. ¬†It just had to. ¬†It was the scream for insurance that really got me.

Gang Sign on a Segway

Needless to say, the rest of the ride was a bit rocky. ¬†Deirdre was timid, Firas was going top speed any chance he got, I was calling Firas a show-0ff, and Will was forced to go 5 MPH so he didn’t leave Deirdre in the dust. ¬†Best birthday present ever. ¬†And never to be repeated.

Posing in front of the Capitol

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