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Charlie says…

3 Jan

So how many pounds did everybody gain over the holidays?

Every time my mom picks up a Christmas cookie for breakfast, I give her this look…funny faceI call it my dead eyes judgement face…. and I think it’s working.


Charlie Says

5 Oct

Apples? I think you can clearly see how I feel about apples below…

Not a fan

How about something a little more… cheesy?

Happy Birthday Charlie!

27 Sep

Happy 1st Birthday Charlie!

Soon after you were born, your dad and I made a little motto for you-
and us. Be good, be brave, be funny. Be a GOOD person- get in trouble
and get dirty- but be kind. Be adventurous and BRAVE. It often takes
bravery to be a good person and do the right thing. Be FUNNY because
the world is a crazy place and everyone needs a good laugh.

You turned 1 today and you are already all of these things and more.

We love you so much and look forward to watching our good, brave,
funny boy grow. Try to slow it down a little though- this year went
way too fast!

Readers: I recently started following an insanely great blog called Momastery and in August she wrote (much more eloquently) our exact feelings.

Charlie says…

10 Aug

Who’s ready for the weekend????This guy!

Anyone going to try any Lauerland recipes this weekend? My folks are going to make the honey cilantro salmon dish that Aunt Jac suggested. I’d try to sneak a bite, but apparently I’m not supposed to eat honey until I’m 1. Won’t be long now…

Charlie says…

31 Jul

That black bean & cheese taquito recipe could not have arrived at a better time…

Hmmm, yes, I see a very bright future for me and cheese.

Charlie says

17 Jul

As you can see, this salad dressing recipe makes me very happy.

Perhaps I too should consider watching what I eat and lose a few ounces considering my role in the upcoming weddings…

You thought I was gonna say ring bearer, didn’t you?

Charlie says

2 Jul

Now THAT sounds like a meal that wouldn’t put me to sleep!

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