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Hello, hello again. Shaboom, shaboom.

25 Mar

I miss writing.  I was re-reading a few older posts from “All the Sweetest Winds” and it hit me just how much I miss it.  I suppose it’s normal to go through waves.  I started to feel like my writing was a bit forced… hell, I wrote a blog post about glitter pinecones.  Spell-check is trying to tell me that pinecone isn’t one word… since when?  I can’t promise that I won’t write about nonsensical, insignificant things once in a while, but I also want to get back to writing about stuff that matters.  Stories about my residents.  Moments that made me laugh so hard I cried.  Events that broke my heart.  And so on.  Perhaps I’ve been a tad more emotional these past six months because I had grown accustomed to processing significant life events through my writing.  Or maybe I’m just emotional.  I’ll let my family be the judge of that.  Well, maybe not, since they still look back fondly on the days of standing at my bedroom door as I sat looking in the mirror and crying while furiously writing in my Lisa Frank diary and talking out my problems.  If nothing else, at least I can claim to be a multi-tasker.  And a 5th grade drama queen.

On a side note, I have a new role model.  She is in her nineties, wears a big fake flower in her hair every single day, looks for her “missing teeth” on a weekly basis, and busts a move whenever she gets the chance.  We celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with green “beer” (O’Douls) and Irish tunes last week, and it’s characteristic of her to believe that she is consuming actual alcohol during our occasional happy hours.  Before we knew it, she had downed 2 green “beers” and was throwing her head back while shouting, “I just want to DANCE!”


Me too, friend, me too.


10% off Lauerland Boutique Today Only!

5 Oct

October 5th is Do Something Nice Day and we want to do something nice for our loyal readers!

Enjoy 10% off your purchase at the Lauerland Boutique today by using the coupon code NICEDAY10 at checkout. Surprise someone else with a gift or get a little something nice for yourself!  As always, both pre-patterned and personalized coasters are available in the shop.

Lauerland Boutique: Officially Open for Business!

5 Sep
Since moving to Austin (somewhat) job-less, I’ve had a lot of time on my hands.  A girl can only spend so many hours working on cover letters, resumes, and scouring the job boards without going a little crazy. So in the DIY/Pinterest-inspired spirit, I decided I’d take on a little side project to keep myself from going completely insane with the job hunt down here.

Charlie Coasters – First Custom Order 🙂

I’ve always though that decorative or area-specific coasters make great gifts.  I thought having personalized coasters with a friend’s wedding pictures would be a great wedding gift so I decided to just go for it and experiment with making them myself.  What started as a project has led to something I actually really enjoy!  I figured that others out there might also think coasters are a great gift, so why not open up an Etsy shop?  So… with that said, the Lauerland Boutique is officially open for business!
As a loyal Lauerland reader, I’m offering 15% off purchases throughout the entire month of September for anyone who uses the coupon code LAUERLAND15.  There are lot of pre-made coasters already in the shop but I’m most excited about the personalized coasters where you can actually send me the four photos that you want via e-mail and I’ll customize the coasters using those pictures. Check out the Lauerland Boutique on Etsy and let me know what you think!

Personalized Wedding Coasters

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