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I Missed the Bus!

27 Jul

And I’m never ever ever gonna do it again.

Shout out to the West Leigh Posse circa 1998! We’d purposefully miss the bus in the hopes that whoever had to drive us to school would stop for donuts on the way. Or was that only my ultimate goal? The worst was when Bus Driver Bill saw us hiding behind the powerlines and kept the bus at the stop for way too long. I think one of us had to pretend we were getting sick in order for him to leave. And I wonder why my first boyfriend wasn’t until college…

Anyway, Tony and I are NOT going to miss the bus on our upcoming trip to NYC for his cousin’s wedding. We are going up Saturday morning and coming home Sunday afternoon so we didn’t want to mess with the hassle of flying and don’t want to pay for parking in the city, so we’re taking the bus! Our expectations are very low since we’ve only taken the Chinatown bus, but from what we’ve heard Bolt and Megabus are much better.

Fares are comparable, so I wanted to hear what others thought about the two companies. Which bus would you take from DC to NYC? Leave a comment with your reasoning if you have a strong opinion either way!

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