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26 Oct

The highlights of my work week include:

  • Calling a resident “babe”.  Not a sweet little white-haired female resident in her 90’s.   But a male resident in his 40’s.  “If you don’t feel comfortable talking to the psychologist, ba — AHH, you don’t have to.”  Talk about sending the wrong signal.  I must stop calling Firas “babe”.
  • Carving pumpkins with my residents and having them work hard to preserve the seeds for roasting, only to remember right as they came out of the oven that 80% of the residents are on a mechanical soft diet and wouldn’t be able to enjoy them.  So naturally, I told them they were burnt.  Minutes later, my assistant and I had to have a “meeting” = a pumpkin seed feast in our office.
  • One male resident in his 70’s playing Celine Dion’s “I’m Your Lady” on his iPhone.  On repeat.  For three days.  Even when sitting in the dining room chowing down on a hamburger and fries.  It’s one of those songs that you might blare in your car when you’re all alone and you just need to LET IT OUT.  Not the case with this man.  The best part is staff walking around subconciously singing, ” ‘Cause I’m your laaaaady, and you are my maaaaan” under their breath.  Including me, obviously.

Enjoy your weekend!

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