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Neighborhood Watch

22 Jul

A group of residents were gathered in the Cafe one evening, some coloring, some working on a puzzle, and others simply sitting and chatting.  I always love to see this happen because it makes me think that they do feel that they belong to some sort of community.  There are times where I fear that I sound like a broken record when I repeat the same questions to break the silence – “Where were you born?”, “What kind of music do you like?”, etc etc…  I would much rather prefer the more independent residents initiate conversation between one another that is not so forced.  Apparently, wishes do come true.  The ladies on one end of the table were discussing their nighttime habits; some shared that they liked to have a snack and watch television, while others liked to walk outside or around the building before heading to bed.  One lady, who appears quite “old-school” and modest, announced loudly that her routine includes stripping off all of her clothing and walking around her room before getting into bed.  Quite shocked, my activity assistant quickly made her way over to the other end of the table where a gentleman was working on a puzzle.  Before she was even able to gauge whether or not he had heard the end of the ladies’ conversation, he looked up at her with raised eyebrows and asked, “Where’s her room?”  

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